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Standards under review

Please follow the links to accreditation standards currently under review: 

Registered Nurse Prescribing Accreditation Standards

Nurse Practitioner Accreditation Standards

The ANMAC accreditation standards review process

Accreditation standards undergo review approximately every 5 years to ensure continued effectiveness and relevance in contemporary education and health care environments.  

Central to ANMAC’s standards development and review process is wide ranging consultation with our stakeholders. ANMAC employs a number of strategies to facilitate the required consultation, which may include an initial survey, consultation papers and consultation forums. ANMAC can vary the consultation strategies used in each review. The flowchart below provides an example of the ANMAC accreditation standard review and development process that is guided by the Ahpra Procedures for the development of accreditation standards.

PRG: Professional Reference Group

CEO: ANMAC, Chief Executive Officer

OBPR: Office Best Practice Regulation

NMBA: Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia

Transitioning to new standards

For information about transitioning your program to newly published accreditation standards, please refer to the ANMAC Transition Policy for new Accreditation Standards. Our Frequently Asked Questions (215 KB) also have useful information about newly published Accreditation Standards.

Review date: 
Saturday, 1 June 2024

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