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Positions Vacant

ANMAC has a positive workplace culture that is supported by ANMAC’s values:  

  • Integrity - Ensuring all we do is ethical and honest, and being accountable for what we do and choose not to do.
  • Excellence - We endeavour every time to ensure high-quality work, always mindful of the end-user experience and balancing the diverse needs of all relevant stakeholders.
  • Collaboration - This is at the heart of what we do: it underpins our approach to teamwork, leadership, and communication.
  • Innovation - We seek to be creative and responsive and think outside the box in our work and in our leadership. We value research as a key enabler of innovation.
  • Respect - We are always inclusive, mindful & kind, and open to celebrate the individual differences that make us who we are.

We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace for all people, reflecting the diverse community we serve and where everyone feels valued. We encourage applications from diverse groups and communities including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. ANMAC is committed to employment practices that are fair, responsive and inclusive. 

Enterprise Agreement

ANMAC's guiding principles and employment terms and conditions are detailed in the enterprise agreement made and approved under the Fair Work Australia Act 2009. 

ANMAC Enterprise Agreement 2022 – 2025

We currently have no vacancies.


Review date: 
Thursday, 8 February 2024

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