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Fee schedule

ANMAC charges applicants for the following services: 

  • migration skills assessment
  • reissue of Determination Letter 
  • professional reference assessment 
  • change of ANZSCO code 
  • appeal of assessment decision. 

Migration skills assessment fees

Skills assessment AS  OF 1 JULY 2023
Modified skills assessment $395.00
Modified PLUS skills assessment $395.00
Full skills assessment $595.00
Direct Care skills assessment $545.00

Other service fees

Service as Of 1 July 2023
Refund administration $60.00
Professional reference assessment – re-issue and/or ANZSCO code change $145.00
Appeal of assessment decision $300.00

Please note: Assessment fees do not attract the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and may be adjusted each financial year. 

Migration skills assessment payment 

ANMAC only accepts Visa or MasterCard payments (credit or debit) at the time you complete the online application. Payments are processed in Australian dollars on the day you make the application. You will be emailed a receipt once ANMAC has received your payment. ANMAC does not accept American Express or Diners Club credit cards. 

As the person making the payment, you are responsible for ensuring you pay the correct fee and provide the correct information. ANMAC will not be held liable for loss of payment incurred due to: 

  • incorrect payment or information
  • causes outside of ANMAC’s control, such as, loss caused by third parties (e.g., banks, agents etc). 

If you have concerns that your payment was not accepted, you must follow these steps before submitting another application: 

Step 1.  Check your email account (including the junk mail folder). If you have received your ANMAC confirmation email, your payment has been processed and you will not need to resubmit a form or payment. Please allow up to 1 hour for this email to arrive in your inbox.

Step 2. Confirm with your financial institution that ANMAC has deducted funds. Timeframes may vary.

If you have not received a confirmation email and have no payment record on your credit card, please contact us before submitting another application. 

Consequence of non-payment

ANMAC cannot begin an assessment without receiving correct payment. You must make your payment while completing your online application. 


ANMAC accepts that you are responsible for: 

  • reading assessment processes and requirements detailed on the ANMAC website  
  • confirming requirements for a skills assessment with the Department of Home Affairs.

ANMAC will not provide a refund if you change your mind about having a skills assessment or the type of skills assessment required. Please note, an administration fee will be applied to all refunds, including refunds for incorrect application types. 

You will also be subject to the Full skills assessment process and relevant fees if you lodge an application for a Full skills assessment and later become registered in Australia or New Zealand. 

Please contact us if you would like more information.

Review date: 
Thursday, 17 February 2022

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