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Prospective Students

ANMAC strongly advises prospective students to check the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s (NMBA) Approved Program of Study list prior to enrolling in an entry to practice nursing or midwifery education program. Graduating from an education program not listed on the NMBA Approved Program of Study list may not provide a basis for registration as a nurse or midwife in Australia. ANMAC recommends prospective students carefully consider NMBA registration requirements prior to enrolling into a nursing or midwifery education program.

The Accreditation Services processes are detailed in our Accreditation policy and procedure.  

What we assess

Our Accreditation Service’s team are responsible for the assessment of: 

  • entry to practice nursing and midwifery programs of study that lead to eligibility to apply for registration or endorsement with the NMBA. This includes enrolled nurse, registered nurse, midwife, endorsed midwife and nurse practitioner programs 
  • the education providers who provide these programs.  

What we do

We undertake assessments, against NMBA approved accreditation standards, of: 

  • applications from education providers seeking accreditation of a program of study  
  • changes to approved programs of study reported by education providers. 

We monitor:

  • all NMBA approved programs on the ‘Approved Programs of Study’ list  
  • all NMBA approved programs that have expired and are in the process of completing arrangements for teach out or transition to a newly accredited program.  

We develop, review and publish – once approved by the NMBA – accreditation standards for entry to practice nursing and midwifery programs of study.  

We provide advice and recommendations to the NMBA and other relevant organisations on matters relating to ANMAC accreditation functions. 

What we don’t do

ANMAC is a separate organisation to the NMBA. ANMAC cannot and does not: 

  • register nurses and midwives – this is a function of the NMBA 
  • set professional standards such as standards for practice or registration standards– this is also a function of the NMBA. 
Review date: 
Thursday, 17 February 2022

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