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ANMAC values complaints that inform us about possible breaches in the accreditation standards. We recognise effective complaints management fosters an environment of safety, continuous quality improvement and promotes accountability and transparency.  

What constitutes a complaint?

A complaint must relate to a breach in ANMAC accreditation standards that is relevant to: 

  • a NMBA approved nursing and/or midwifery program of study, and/or 
  • the education provider providing the approved program.

A complaint is outside ANMAC’s scope when it relates to: 

  • an education program that does not lead to eligibility to apply for registration or endorsement with the NMBA.  
  • student, academic, education provider or health facility conduct that does not relate to a breach in ANMAC accreditation standards

To make a complaint

ANMAC accepts complaints from staff, students, graduates, health services, individual health professionals and members of the community. ANMAC also accepts complaints from sources requesting anonymity and anonymous complaints.  

ANMAC can only address complaints that relate to a breach in accreditation standards relevant to the program. In your complaint, please refer to standard criteria you believe to be involved. 

If you have questions or want to make a complaint, please contact: 

Complaints, Accreditation Services


For more about the ANMAC complaint process, please refer to our Complaints handling policy  

Substantiated complaints

Where a complaint is substantiated as an outcome of a formal review process, the education provider must demonstrate identified breaches have been addressed and that the program continues to meet the relevant accreditation standards. In accordance with ANMAC’s monitoring obligations in under the National Law, outcomes from an ANMAC review can include: 

  • applying targeted monitoring and/or accreditation conditions to the program 
  • revoking an approved program’s accreditation. 
Review date: 
Thursday, 17 February 2022

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