Committing to change - Colloquium Outcome Statement

Colloquium Outcome Statement

This statement is a public commitment from national accreditation and education bodies of the professions of pharmacy, nursing and midwifery.

Health professionals have been on the front lines of the pandemic response and our role in caring for our communities has never been more prominent. However, we are delivering healthcare in a system that is at breaking point, and our workforce is under considerable stress.

If we want to move towards much–needed healthcare reform, we need to empower students to work across a wide range of settings in health and social care.

To ensure we continue to grow our workforce, we commit to supporting the next generation of health professionals and fostering a sense of belonging.

Students are essential members of our current and future workforce, and we commit to supporting, listening and empowering them.

We recognise students as trusted partners and commit to co-creation of education between students, academics, clinicians, consumers and accreditors.

The future is in their hands.

Review date: 
Tuesday, 13 September 2022

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