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Accreditation process

ANMAC is introducing changes to make our accreditation processes more efficient and streamlined. These changes are being implemented after an extensive review process. Read more…

All education providers are subject to the same, national accreditation process. Five stages are involved, although if your program is not found suitable for accreditation you may not ultimately move through all of them.

ANMAC’s accreditation process is comprehensive. Each stage is covered in detail in our National Guidelines for the Accreditation of Nursing and Midwifery Programs Leading to Registration and Endorsement in Australia. (521 KB)

The stages of accreditation

Stage 1

Pre-application (4 steps)

Stage 2

Accreditation assessment (14 steps)

Stage 3

ANMAC decision of accreditation status (4 steps)

Stage 4

NMBA decision on accredited program (5 steps)

Stage 5

Ongoing monitoring and review during the accreditation period